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Make your garden stand out with a garden obelisk

A garden obelisk is ideal for adding interest, height and a focal point to your garden. They are available in wood, metal, stone and handmade materials and can be traditional or modernistic in style. What ever fits with your garden is ok. If your garden has a wild rustic style then a wooden obelisk might be good. Alternatively for a more formal garden style a stone obelisk may be more in keeping. Metal obelisks tend to have a more structured formal style but are also great for training flowers, plants and vegetables thus merging the formal structure with the informal organic growth from nature.





Add a focal point to your garden with a garden obeliskGarden Obelisks come in many different types and designs and are made from materials ranging from wood to metal to man made materials and reconstituted stone. Whatever the style or size of your garden, there is sure to be a garden obelisk that will fit right in.

Garden obelisks for flower support

Garden obelisks are ideal for training flowers, plants and vegetables. Climbing roses such as the thornless Zepherin Drouhin are ideal for training around a rose arch or up a large gardenobelisk. Spring or summer flowering clematis can be grown on a medium sized obelisk and when the foliage dies off in the autumn, you still have a stylish structure left for the winter months.


Smaller garden obelisks are suitable for indoor use, and in particular can enhance your conservatory or other similar area.

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Metal Obelisk
Large metal garden obelisk
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